Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
(4.1 stars on Netflix, ★★★★★ in my opinion)

I just watched this documentary by Kurt Kuenne, who compiled memories and stories of his late friend Andrew Bagby to give to Andrew’s son Zachary when he grows up. As you watch the story of not only who Andrew was, but how Andrew was murdered, a vibrant extended family atmosphere is painted beautifully before you. You find out how much Andrew was loved, and how his family and friends loved him. And how much they love Zachary.

There’s a couple very intense twists in this documentary that I will not spoil, but I just want to say: watch this documentary. It is poignant and beautifully told, with so much love and so much bravery. It’s so true, and so heartwrenching, and so human.

Warning: I recommend NOT spoiling yourself before watching this documentary. Go in blind, and feel everything as it happens.

WATCH: Netflix, Amazon
WEBSITE: http://www.dearzachary.com/


Reunited…and it feels so good! #Wienermobile #holdonweregoinhome

I think at the end of the day when someone asks you “what’s your favorite book?” you kind of want to give a very intellectual and smart answer, maybe something written by Dostoyevsky, Kafka or Proust
But you know that your favorite book is not the one that had you thinking the entire week for the goddamn meaning of the blue curtain.
Your favorite book is the one that has you awake at 5am because there’s no way you can put that book down, because you can’t wait to talk about it with someone, because you cry and laugh with the characters.
Your favorite book is so worn out but you won’t buy a new one because it means life has passed and no matter how good or bad your life has been it’s always there for you. Always.

— Thoughts I had late at night while reading Harry Potter again or why my answer will always be “my favorite book is Harry Potter” and I don’t care for people giving me bad looks

300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

214. The History Boys (2006)

"Reckless, impulsive, immoral — how come there’s such a difference between the way you teach and the way you live? Why are you so bold in argument and talking, but when it comes to the point, when it’s something that’s actually happening — I mean, now you’re so fucking careful!"

Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people.

— (via khaleesi-lifts)

Actor Dylan O’Brien attends the Giffoni Film Festival Photocall on July 21, 2014

When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.

— Caitlyn Siehl (via hedlunds)

“…all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. it was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and centre...”“Including you and Dad.”  "Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?"


One time when Sirius was helping out with Mrs. Potter’s baking she asked him to stir the batter and he replied with a “sure, Mom” and almost dropped the bowl as he realised what he said. But then James sneaked up behind him to try and stick his finger in the batter and Mrs. Potter slapped at his hand and complained about her messy sons, and Sirius just beamed


Teen Wolf AU - As a banshee, Lydia can see Allison’s ghost. At first, it’s almost like having her best friend back, but it’s not long before Allison begins to turn vengeful, as spirits so often do.


"And then there’s you…"

A non!PDS au set in 2009 where a grieving and suicidal Kieren Walker meets Simon Monroe - an Irish drug-addict seeking rehabilitation. Stilted conversations, mixed messages, unhealthy co-dependency and soppiness ensue. 


Spaceman - The Killers.


  • fandom please I implore you all to talk about Dean Thomas more
  • literally yelling for a red card during a Quidditch match
  • painting a potter for president banner for his friend HOW CUTE
  • offering to forge a signature so that same friend could go to the village with the rest of them
  • actually he paints banners supporting Harry on two separate occasions four years apart 
  • is it weirder that he keeps doing that or that Harry keeps getting himself into situations where he requires banners
  • good with a quill be still my beating heart the boy is an artist
  • literally not giving a single fuck that their teacher was a “dangerous half-breed” because he respected the hell out of him as a person and educator
  • and he grew up as a muggle so he had already been exposed to werewolf folklore and he had every excuse to be afraid or prejudiced and instead decided to judge him on a human level, even without the familiarity the trio etc. had to him
  • standing up for that same teacher time and time again
  • including to a ministry official who he just generally gave the sass to anyway
  • never losing his faith in Harry even when his very best friend in the whole world and approximately 89% of the wizarding community basically thought the bloke was a nutjob
  • convincing his best mate to join DA 
  • there was a fair bit of an anti-dean sentiment in HBP best to ignore that then
  • never having any animosity towards his friend for getting together with his ex-girlfriend so soon
  • completely supporting and defending Harry while on the run because OBVIOUSLY why stop now after seven years of doing literally that at every single opportunity
  • being completely bemused by but always kind towards Luna
  • helping to dig the grave on the beach
  • running out into the final battle without a fucking wand 
  • evidently winning one at some point
  • everything to do with him and Seamus however you want to view their relationship but frankly I could do a whole other post on that
  • also I met Alfie once and he was so pretty